with a unique columbarium

A revolutionary solution
for columbaria, cemeteries and reverent places
to deposit cremated remains

The Eiwy story

crystal tree of memories with
a columbarium at tree roots

An impressive tree of memories with shining crystal leaves holding optionally a symbolic amount of the cremation ashes or just the name of deceased and tree roots silently protecting the urns with their cremated remains.

A modern piece of art suited for classical as well
as modern representative premises of columbaria,
ceremonial halls or common cemeteries.

EIWA offers a noble, dignified and affordably
priced alternation to nameless graves. In a
very small place you get hundreds of new personalized reverent places.

“The creation of EIWA was mainly inspired
by recent contemplations of the constantly
increasing number of cremations, missing places
in overcrowded cemeteries and also a lack of
willingness of people to visit sad and dark places
of the last resort of their ancestors, who have an
indispensable place in our lives and history.

I think that from time to time everyone needs
to return to their roots. I truly believe that the
crystal glow of EIWA will help people to find
their roots again.”


Minimum space requirements

EIWA features 500 – 2000 leaves with fused-in
cremation ashes or just a sandblasted name of
the deceased.

The variable patented columbarium solution is
capable of holding for example 500 urns on
a minimum space of 14 square meters. Bulk
ash repository may be featured as an option.

The installation as well as replacement of leaves
if really simple and fast. EIWA is characteristic
by low energy consumption, undemanding
operation and quick return on investment.


Mobile app

From version EIWA 2.0, our crystal tree is fully

Surviving relatives may light up the leaf just
as they ignite a candle on the grave. This is
possible while visiting the tree,
but also from home.

A simple and user-friendly app allows you to
control the color and light modes of the tree,
down to the level of individual leaves.

When visiting the cemetery, it is possible
to choose any of the preset light
atmospheres of EIWA.

Memory leaves

The newly delivered EIWA is fitted with all clear
crystal leaves. Custom leaves ordered
by surviving relatives may contain a small
amount of fused-in cremated ashes and
a 24-carat gold or a sandblasted text
with the name of the deceased.

Each leaf has its unique number and always
shines at a pre-agreed place on EIWA.

A certificate ensuring 100% traceability
and genuineness is provided with
every leaf with ashes.

As a part of the crystal leaf placement on EIWA,
a small ceremony can be organized together
with the deposition of the urn into the
columbarium at EIWA roots.

Multilateral use of the Crystal Tree

The EIWA crystal tree project is not bound up with piety and memories only. Thanks to the versatility of the concept, it can be used in many commercial and non-commercial ways, for example as a symbol of the city or to promote some charitable and commercial projects or tourism. We are ready to tailor EIWA to specific needs of our clients and we really do appreciate and are pleased with every creative use of its potential.

The first project from the non-piety area became the creation of the Biodiversity Tree for the ZOO in Liberec, Czech Republic. The tree is a part of the broader ZOO project and individual leaves on the tree convey the “thank you” message to sponsors and donors who support the operation of ZOO as well as its research and rescue activities. The Biodiversity Tree is a full-fledged fundraising tool to raise money for ZOO operation. At the same time, it is an unmissable dominant of the ZOO entrance foyer and an effective marketing tool to promote their amazing work.

Realization 2018 - 2019