EIWA – A crystal tree of memories

An impressive tree of memories with shining crystal leaves holding a symbolic amount of the cremation ashes of our lost loved ones. Alternatively, only the name can be engraved on the leaf. Intelligent LED chips can illuminate a specific glass leaf and the preset light mode evokes a lighted candle in memory of a lost loved one.

A modern piece of art suitable for classical as well as modern representational premises of columbariums and ceremonial halls. The outdoor version must be complemented by a glass gazebo, which protects the tree from bad weather and risk of vandalism.

EIWA offers a noble, dignified and affordably priced alternative to nameless graves. In a very small place you get hundreds of new personalized gravesites.


Mobile app

Starting from version 2.0, the EIWA crystal tree is fully interactive.

Survivors can light up a leaf themselves just as they would light a candle on a grave. This can be done when visiting the tree, but also from home. A simple and easy-to-use app allows you to control the color and light modes of the tree down to the level of specific leaf. When visiting the cemetery, it is possible to activate one of the preset light atmospheres of EIWA.

Leaf administration and control is possible both on the website and via the mobile app for android and iOS. The leaf holder has many functions available. For example, he can add photos, bio, obituary, manage the messages of invited guests, share access to a specific leaf, light up a leaf for a longer time, or change Eiwa’s light scenes while visiting the tree.

The whole tree is managed by the appointed administrator (e.g. funeral service).

The web version listing all the existing Eiwa trees can be found here: eiwa.crystaltree.eu The mobile app can be downloaded below.