The Memory Crystal Glass Studio has been situated in North Bohemia, a traditional glass-making region, since 2006. The studio is mainly engaged in art blown glassware for lighting fixtures and fittings, various stuff for galleries and glass urns that became the main export article of the company to many countries in Europe, Canada and USA.

The original small glass works “Noamy Art Glass” was built in Svitava near Cvikov. In 2014 the glass works was no longer sufficient to meet the increasing demands. This was the place where the first unique memory glass products, glass urns and lighting fixtures were made. Currently there is an affiliated glass silvering operation in Svitava that has been running there since 1999.

New Memory Crystal glass studio

in 2014 we built a brand new glass studio in Česká Lípa. Since 2015 a modern glass furnace and a glass-cutting shop have been running