Company Memory Crystal s.r.o. was established in 2006 as Noamy Art Glass, however the history of the company dates back to 1999 when the first glass urn was made by Dalibor Novák, the founder and the current owner of the company. The company name changed in 2014.

The Memory Crystal glass studio was originally focused on art glass for lighting fixtures and fittings, various stuff for galleries and especially on the manufacture of art urns that became the main export article of the company to many countries in Europe, Canada and USA.

In 2006 Dalibor Novák developed a unique product that became a crucial milestone in the company’s history – a Memory Crystal. Memory Crystal is a handmade blown glass containing permanently fused-in cremated remains. In 2009 Memory Crystal was patented. Currently Memory Crystals are offered by our partners in 13 European countries.

In 2009 the company started with the distribution of glass urns and Memory Crystals in the Czech republic under the Memory Urns brand. The product assortment was completed by imported exclusive urns and miscellaneous memory goods. At the moment Memory Crystal products are offered by almost 400 domestic funeral homes.

In 2014 our company gained exclusive rights from the UK based company Heart In Diamond for the distribution of Memory diamonds in the Czech and Slovak market.

In 2016 we opened Pet Crematory in Česká Lípa, the only pet crematory in the Liberec region.

In 2018 Dalibor Novak comes with a new vision of keeping the ashes of the deceased in the shining crystal leaves hanging on a commemorative tree called EIWA. He was inspired by the tree of souls EYWA from the famous sci-fi film Avatar.

In 2019, he significantly innovates the EIWA concept to version 2.0, allowing to control each individual leaf remotely by survivors. Eiwa becomes a fully interactive, allowing families to keep in touch with their loved ones. Recently, a unique underground columbarium was invented, which is right at the roots of Eiwa and thus becomes an integral part of it. The tree is protected against external influences by a glazed kiosk. This unique solution is patent protected.

Year 1999, Dalibor Novák, Jiří Petrnoušek a Květa Nováková (Petrnoušková)