EIWA – An interactive crystal tree

Versatile use of a crystal tree

The EIWA crystal tree project is not only used in the area of reverence. Thanks to the universality of the concept, it can be used in many commercial and non-commercial ways, for example as a symbol of the city, support for charitable and commercial projects or tourism. We are ready to adapt the EIWA concept to specific needs of our clients and we are happy with every creative use of its potential.

The first project from a non-reverent area was the creation of the Biodiversity Tree for the Liberec ZOO. The tree is a part of a wider ZOO project and its leaves serve as a “thank you” to sponsors and donors who support the operation of the Liberec ZOO and its amazing research and rescue projects. The Biodiversity Tree is a full-fledged fundraising tool for raising for the ZOO operation. At the same time, it is a wonderful dominant feature of the entrance foyer of the ZOO and an efficient marketing tool for making the activities of the ZOO and its important work more visible.

Mobile applications, web interface

For each custom tree, we are able to design and develop an original control application according to the requirements of the investor. We develop applications for android as well as for iOS and possibly also for the web interface. In addition to the light control of the tree, the app can serve as an information medium, but also as a payment tool for charitable collections, sponsorship and / or payment for services.



The first interactive crystal tree was created in 2019 in the Liberec ZOO.

The story of the biodiversity tree


The tree is one of the dominant elements that make up the landscape. A self-growing dominant tree is a supporting and clearly visible point, determining the direction of our path or the place of return from it. A tree on the way offers us shelter from discomfort and a pleasant place to relax and meet other people. A tree offers people, animals and insects refuge and food. A tree then gives the landscape shade, captures the life-giving moisture in its roots and returns nutrients to the soil by regular fall of leaves.


The “Biodiversity Tree” is a dominant element in the landscape of the lives of people who gathered around the Liberec ZOO to share human, material and financial resources as well as the skill of experts from various professions to fulfill the mission and goals of a modern ZOO as effectively as possible. These basic mission and goals can be summarized in four topics:

• Protection of endangered animal species by keeping them in human care.
• Protection of endangered animal species and their natural environment.
• Education of the public in the field of nature protection..
• Recreation and relaxation of visitors..

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